Liverpool Clubs

Party hard at the best clubs in Liverpool. Enjoy the Liverpool bars, strip clubs, live music venues, a thriving gay quarter, and many late-night dance clubs.


  • What type of music is played in the Liverpool clubs?

    Most clubs in Liverpool play House and Dance music with a smattering of RnB and Hip hop, a thriving live music scene for Indie, Metal and alternative fans, plenty of gigs and live bands playing throughout the week and weekends in Liverpool. No matter where you go out, you'll be sure to find a music genre suiting everybody's taste in Liverpool.

  • What are the best nightclubs in Liverpool?

    Would have to say, Level Nightclub. This venue is the biggest and most attended nightclub in Liverpool, well positioned right in the centre of Liverpool near the main nightlife area, Concert Square — A must-visit club for 18-25-year-olds!

    For those who like it, glitz and glam! You can't go wrong with a night out in Liverpool's Mansion Club, renown for playing the best uplifting Vocal House music in Liverpool, with a client to match. Be sure to take ID, and dress smart!

  • What time do Liverpool clubs close?

    Liverpool is a city well known for late drinking hours. Some late night clubs in Liverpool stay open till 6am, and some till 7am over the weekend with a majority of bars in Liverpool till 4am in the morning.

    Last orders closing times in Liverpool

    • Real ale pubs close between 12am - 1am
    • Bars close between 2am - 4am
    • Clubs close between 3am - 7am
  • Do I need photo ID to visit the clubs in Liverpool?

    I hate carrying ID! The reality is, most clubs in Liverpool will not give you the time of day if you don't produce some form of photographic identification on the door. Take it with you!

  • Can I wear trainers in the Liverpool clubs?

    It depends where you go. Some clubs are happy for you to wear trainers and very relaxed regarding their dress-code, while some clubs and bars will only allow entry if you’re wearing shoes. Personally, I just wear shoes, unless I’m heading out mid-week for a casual pint. If you visit Liverpool on a Saturday night — put some shoes on!

    Read more about the dress-code for nightclubs in Liverpool.

  • Where are the clubs and bars in Liverpool?

    When you arrive in Liverpool to experience the nightlife, you’ll instantly realise the number of bars and nightclubs within walking distance of one another. There'll be no need to travel all over the world as you do in most big cities to find Liverpool's best bars and clubs, everything is just there, literally.

    Popular clubs and nightlife areas in Liverpool

    Check out our drinking guide if you'd like further information about where to go out in Liverpool.