Liverpool nightlife map

Locate the best bars and nightclubs in Liverpool with our map and area guide.

A few words

You'll see that we have four main drinking hotspots on our Liverpool nightlife map.

1. Concert Square Area

The cluster of markers in the centre represents Concert Square and Ropewalks with surrounding areas of: Slater Street, Wood Street and Seel Street to name a few, probably your safest bet if its your first time in Liverpool with lots of great bars and clubs.

2. Hardman Street Area

To your right of that you can see Leece Street/Hardman Street (A5039 shown on the map), a small walk up from Concert square. This is know as Liverpool's student quarter, popular student bars include Legion of Lost Souls(Formerly Bumper), Hannah's Bar, Buyer's Club and Liverpool's legdnary late night Magent Bar and Club.

3. Mathew Street and Gay Area

The cluster of markers at the top left of the map includes Mathew Street, another one of Liverpool's popular drinking hotspots leading onto Victoria Street (up and coming trendy hotspot) and other well known areas, including the Liverpool gay village on Stanley Street and late night Eberle Street which is a few minutes walk away.

4. Albert Docks and Liverpool ONE

And finally, if you look at the bottom left of the map you'll see the Albert Dock. Experience some trendy bars and restaurants while socking up some beautiful water front river views, very close to the Echo Arena and Liverpool ONE shopping center which is the cluster of markers slightly above (Chavasse Park) with more funky bars, clubs, sports bars and cool hangouts.