What is the dress code for liverpool nightclubs

August 7th 2019

The majority of Liverpool's bars and nightclubs expect a smart dress code or smart casual, trousers, smart jeans, shirt, funky t-shirt, clean shoes, maybe a blazer or a smart jacket. Girls just need to look glamorous which usually comes as a standard for most Liverpool girls hitting the town for a night out.

What to wear on a night out in Liverpool

The classic look — A guaranteed entry into the club

If you're going to a student club, maybe to watch a gig, a sporting event or visiting one of Liverpool's local pubs then jeans and t-shirts are usually ok for the guys and you can more than likely wear what you want without any trouble on the door. And that includes white pumps. Same for the ladies, just wear what you're comfortable in.

Make an example

Unless you're a student we recommend dressing smart when you visit Liverpool for a night out, especially on a Saturday night. This will not only show respect to other clubbers, but give you that extra edge when trying to gain entry into the clubs in Liverpool. Don't give the doorman an excuse to turn you away, look sharp — shirt and shoes as a minimum.