Enablers / Haress / Benjamin D Duvall

  • Kazimier Stockroom
  • Tuesday 19th May 2020
  • 6:30pm - 10:30pm

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Established in San Francisco, CA in 2002, Enablers subsequent five LPs and four EPs have signaled a transcendent approach to Spoken Word music.

Enablers began when Pete Simonelli asked guitarist Kevin Thomson to collaborate on a joint spoken word / musical project. Joeseph F. Byrnes accepted the invitation to play the drums and guitarist Joe Goldring joined the band

Since the 2004 release of their first LP, End Note (Neurot Recordings), Enablers have established a new direction in spoken word music. The prose and poetry of Pete Simonelli is intricately woven into the dynamic interplay of guitarists Joe Goldring and Kevin Thomson, and has been punctuated by compulsive and precise drumming of changing drummers, among them such illustrous names as Doug Scharin, Yuma Joe Burns and now Sam Ospovat. Musically, the compositions range from melodic minimalism to heavy, rhythmically challenging thickets of sound.

Following End Note came Output Negative Space (Neurot Recordings) and 2008, Tundra (Exile on Mainstream) as well as two EPs featuring extended improvisations (The Achievement on Awesome Vistas and Now You Can Answer My Prayers on Lancashire and Somerset). With an almost entirely DIY approach to touring and intense live performances, Enablers continually please fans in the underground of the European continent and the UK and have earned merits as a constantly visible band, always on the road and being active.

The April 2011 released Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions (Exile On Mainstream + Lancashire and Somerset Dance Society), found Enablers evolving even more. The records textural and evocative sound realized a new direction while maintaining the distinct elements of musicianship and imagination that made the previous releases so engaging.

The Rightful Pivot followed in 2015 and marked an album incorporating their several stages, stops and progressions of a stunning career. Going back a little to the early days in rough and direct approach but still maintaining the matured songwriting of its predecessors.

The 2019 LP, Zones a dual release by Lancashire and Somerset and Exile on Mainstream again is a further example of Enablers push for musical expansion and growth. Zones represents a band that is increasingly more comfortable with experimentation and improvisation, while continuing to embrace all the musical elements that have established their sound for close to twenty years. This has produced a fully realized record that further cements the bands refusal to be pinned down by category or genre. Zones is the impetus for the 2019 tour.

Band Members:

Joe Goldring (former Swans, Toiling Midgets, Touched by a Janitor) on guitar

Kevin Robert Thomson (former Nice Strong Arm, Timco, Touched by a Janitor, now Hazel Atlas) also on guitar

poet, writer, and narrator Pete Simonelli on vocals.

Rounding out the line-up is drummer Sam Ospovat (Ava Mendoza, Brendan Seabrook, Beep!, tUnE-yArDs, William Winant).


Haress intertwine dark and repetitive guitar figures in order to create a hypnotic, mantra-like state. Their intuitive playing works on a kind of telepathy until its impossible for the onlooker to work out which player is responsible for which sound and they must choose to absorb it as a whole. The resulting music is reminiscent of Ry Cooders Paris, Texas soundtrack, Earth, Human Bell and Papa M.


Benjamin D. Duvall is a UK-based composer, performer and improviser.

Primarily active as the founding member and creative director of the Liverpool-based group Ex-Easter Island Head (2009-), his work makes frequent use of the possibilities afforded by mechanical preparations and extended playing techniques of multiple electric guitars, tuned and untuned percussion and other instruments.
Over the last decade Ex-Easter Island Head have received critical acclaim for their work from the likes of the Wire, Pitchfork, BBC, Guardian and the New York Times and have cemented their reputation as a unique live prospect with performances at the likes of All Tomorrow's Parties, Le Guess Who? and Supersonic festival. Primarily working as a trio and quartet, the group have also brought together musicians from across the UK to create large ensembles of up to thirty people as well as working with dancers, visual artists and primary school children to create immersive new works.

Collaborators include Arnold Dreyblatt, Laura Cannell, Charles Hayward, BBC Philharmonic and Immix Ensemble. In 2019 the group were invited to perform at the Southbank Centre, at festivals in Portugal and Finland, and were artists in residence for a week in the Odense Musikbibliotek, working with 15 musicians drawn from the Danish experimental music scene.

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