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A Night in Liverpool Says

Liverpool's gay friendly super club. In a word. Legendary. Never had a bad night in here, it's a camp, quirky, fun place to go. Located on Liverpool's popular late night Eberle Street.

Garlands holds a mixture of gay and straight people who are all out for one thing - a funky night! Entry fee is about £10, but it's well worth it. There are drag queens all around, usually ironing and hoovering with kids' toys, just funny and you're bound to have a smile on your face throughout the night.

Drinks are quite expensive but the atmosphere is great and the music is a mix of house and dance tunes with some electro pumped in for good measure. It's a 'Wear what you Dare' place, which gives it a feel good feeling because no one fits in, you're just individual and accepted.

Garlands club closed down in 2017 for a short period and rebranded as Brickworks club. From what I can gather, this didn't turn out as expected resulting in Garlands coming home to Liverpool in March 2018 each and every Saturday night till 6am.

Great news for the thousands of LGBTQ partygoers as Garlands has been one of Liverpool's long established gay super clubs in Liverpool for over 25 years hosting some of the biggest and most flamboyant clubs nights in Liverpool.

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Garlands Opening Hours

  • Sat 10-6am

Garlands Music policy

  • House
  • Electro

Garlands Dress code

  • Smart casual
  • Drag
  • Show your attitude

Garlands map

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Garlands Reviews

5 based on 6 reviews
  • 16 Jul 2015

    This club isn't just a gay club. It's a homing beacon for straight men all over Liverpool as well because Garlands easily attracts the best looking females in Liverpool (for some reason I can't seem to figure out). Some nights it can be literally wall-to-wall with 10/10 girls.

    Just go. Try your best to get past the picky bouncers. Be free my child, go to Garlands.

  • 19 Oct 2011

    I moved away from liverpool and the thing I miss most more than anything is Garlands. Happy Beutiful people all out to share a good time great tunes. The Most vibrent club I have ever known. Mmmwwwwaaa Love you Garlands

  • 9 Aug 2010

    Just back from a Girls weekend in Liverpool... What can I say... BRILLIANT! Weve all been before but this time we all went to GARLANDS on Saturday night and had a absolute BALL. The outfits, the people where lovely, the music was fab, Will defo return again NEXT year.

  • 9 Aug 2010

    I was one of the girlz from the review below, and i have to say it was the best nyt out i have ever had, fab, gr8, fantastic, will certainly be returning on our girlz trip next year so we all are looking forward to that so excited we cant wait !!! cya soon all you gr8 liverpool ppl x : )

  • 9 Aug 2010

    10 outta 10 for a fantastic, amazing, sexy night out, loved the music and the atmosphere was brill, Defo going back . . . . .

  • 12 Nov 2009

    Once 4am hits there's a little after hours section that opens for breakfast called 'Bedlam' serving tea and coffee with seating for game playing and I mean game playing, Busy Bumblebee's at 6am anyone? A bit of Bingo! Quality night!

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