Vsuki Sound Presents: SKINS

  • meraki
  • Friday 1st April 2022
  • 9:00pm - 12:00am

Event Details

Vsuki Sound makes their debut at Meraki. The reason we started Vsuki was to highlight producers and DJs who we feel are underrated talent giving them headline slots to showcase their artistry. We are doing exactly that with our first event. When deciding who to book, many producers and DJs sprung to mind but our final decision was unanimously agreed upon. We HAD to book one of the underground's most hidden talents - Skins.

For those of you who didn't know, Skins is a techno/jungle producer and turntablist based in Leeds. He has released three vinyl records to date out on his own imprint we have all three here at Vsuki HQ and they clearly demonstrate the work of an experienced artist. There's also something to be said for self-releasing on vinyl. It's a lot of effort and work (trust us), especially as an independent artist. Huge amount of respect to anyone who does so.

We first came across Skins' music whilst in a SoundCloud rabbit hole. The name of the track we first clicked on of his was 'Hold Tight' - an incredible jungle tune which takes you on a mad journey, made in memory of Skins' close mate (and all-round musical legend) Alex T. On first listen, it immediately becomes clear that Skins is an extremely cerebral producer. We love the complexity in the drum-programming - every bar comes with a unique chop, and the attention to detail is insane. Here's the track for those who are new to his music:

Skins' production prowess doesn't only just serve the junglists out there. He expertly manoeuvres three turntables on the go, navigating through the vast cosmos of electronic sounds. The dubplates are inbound so come along to Meraki on the eleventh of November if youre into your electronic music and want to enjoy some of the UK undergrounds finest techno, dubstep, UKG and jungle. It doesnt get much more underground than this.

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  • 3 Dickson Street
  • L3 7EB
  • Google Map of meraki, Liverpool

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