Melt Your Face with Fear-E // Mark Forshaw // Cy Humphreys

  • Best Before
  • Friday 21st February 2020
  • 10:00pm - 4:00am
  • Event finshed 1 month ago

Event Details

The Waveform Transmitter is three years old. We would LOVE for you to join us for a celebration, as we mark the anniversary with the launch of our brand new event series...

Melt Your Face!

Melt Your Face will be bringing Liverpool the kind of incendiary artist that combusts eyeballs in their sockets. The kind of artist who sends dance muscles into uncontrollable spasm. The kind of artist that commands every hair on your body to stand to attention and every pore to ooze its last drop of sweat.

We've gone all-out for our first Melt Your Face party, bringing some top underground talent for you to feast your ears upon...


Following on from his explosive set for our Amsterdam party at Oosterbar, we are inviting Scott back to headline our opening Melt Your Face. With a music collection that spans genres and always maintains energy, we are looking forward to another woofer wrecker from the Glaswegian DJ and producer.

Mark Forshaw

Mark is a Liverpool techno legend and, having had him open our Acid party in 2018 it made perfect sense to book him again to bring his inimitable brand of varied electronics to the decks.

Cy Humphreys

We first witnessed the grinning whirlwind that is Cy Humphries playing at One Tribe back in 2017. His expert blend of high-octane styles made booking him a no-brainer.

Santo (Live)

With Santo making his debut supporting Fear-E in Holland, we were suitably impressed by his live hardware set, and have invited him back to deliver another techno-heavy performance.

The Machine

The Waveform Transmitter's Ste Knight will be jumping on the ones and twos and ruining all of your favourite songs. Please leave before he starts playing. Expect breakbeats, techno, and jungle.

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