Biggie vs 2Pac - An Orchestral Rendition

Event Details

No Strings Attached are pleased to present a LIVE Orchestral Rendition of:

Biggie vs 2Pac

For the all time biggest 2 names in Hip-Hop, we have brought in 2 of the UK’s leading Orchestras to perform complete renditions of Biggie’s & Pac’s albums back to back.

The first of its kind!

Our East Coast Orchestra performing the Notorious B.I.G's hits and our West Coast Orchestra performing the 2Pac classics!

This is no ordinary Orchestral event. Expect a full standing crowd, with performances from various DJ’s, lyricists and singers as well as full Orchestral Renditions of Biggie’s & Pac’s albums back to back.

This is the combination of a traditional Orchestra merging with a modern live hip-hop music event.

We’re extremely excited to bring this production to Liverpool.

Note: Biggie and/or 2Pac will not be attending this event. This is an orchestral rendition event performing covers and renditions. This is a standing event.

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