Hot Water Roast Battles 4

  • Hot Water Comedy Club
  • Sunday 3rd February 2019
  • 5:30pm - 7:30pm
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  • Event finshed 5 months ago

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Roast Battles at Hot Water Comedy Club proves that the best humour is dark humour. Our roasters armed with insults, take no prisoners in this no holds barred comedy show. No subject is safe from the outset. We believe there's a place for the most offensive humour... and it's definitely this show!

Hot Water Roast Battles...
The best comedians in the UK go head to head in a battle of insults, at the UK's best comedy club!
Offensive material and dark jokes from the outset so: NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED!!!


1 -Sam Gore vs Darcie SIlver

2 -Connor Burns vs Thom Bee

3 -Lindsey Davies vs Taryam Boyd

4 -Davey Ash vs Sam Serrano


Freddy Quinne
Moses Ali Khan
Mike Osborne


Monty Burns


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