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Playground has finished operating and has been permanently closed as of early 2018.

Located right below the Liverpool Hilton Hotel just facing the Albert Dock. Liverpool's new and exclusive late night venue. Think Vegas and five star luxury and you'll begin to understand why this trendy Liverpool venue has become one of the sort after clubs to be at for the glamourous Liverpool crowds, celebrities and travelers alike.

A membership might be needed to gain access to the private playroom, alternatively, playground has a main room which is open to everybody usually at the doorman's discretion. We suggest taking photo ID and dress to impress. You might want to book a table in-advance before turning up at the door to avoid any disappointment. Check the website for details. The playground nightclub is a 21+ venue and open till 4am in the morning playing funky house music.

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Playground reviews

  • 28 Jul 2017

    Had an amazing Night!!! Would definitely go back next time I'm Home in Liverpool. I was feeling a little anxious on arrival, mainly due to the trendy image of Playground though doormen was friendly which made me more relaxed.

    Best thing was the music! Really good club if you like you house and dance tracks. Would advise dressing smart.

  • 29 Mar 2017

    People have their own views but I can't make one negative comment about Playground apart from I wish it stayed open later than 4am.

    Playground is definitely the best club in Liverpool for me!

  • 19 Mar 2017

    Had a brilliant night here last night... was told by people have visited before to defintley go here and I'm so glad I did! Maybe the people with the negative comments arnt used to Exclusive nightclubs! Can't wait to go back in April x

  • 13 Mar 2017

    This place is the biggest hole I have ever been to in my life! You couldn't pay me to go back there in a million years! We had the same problem as others they decided to shut the club early because it was empty and robbed us of £350 2 hours before. We was then basically kicked out my a very aggressive jumped up "bouncer" who is clearly trying to compensate for something because I haven't seen a man square up to a woman before!! If you are thinking of going to this hell hole think again people you would have a better night in mc Donald's!!

  • 13 Mar 2017

    Worst club I've ever been to!! Arrived at 11.10pm (opens at 11). Paid what we believed to be reasonable money for a table, only for the staff to shut at 1.40am (open 11-4). It was music off and lights on, without warning!!! We then had to contend with an aggressive bully of a bouncer, unprofessional dancers and a manager that refuses to speak to people face to face!! He actually hid downstairs and then said he would only discuss issue over email on Monday morning!!!! Avoid at all costs!!

  • 19 Feb 2017

    Travelled from London for 2 of my friends 30th birthday and had a table at this club to be told at 2am the club was closing because it was so dead in there. £500 spent on a table and was only there a couple hours. This club shouldn't advertise its closing time as 4am, it's more as and when management feel like it. Worst night in a long time!!!

  • 7 Feb 2017

    Playground Liverpool probably the best Nightclub in Liverpool. The music was amazing all night had everyone dancing! The club inside is just different, really good atmosphere - can't wait to go back! x

  • 1 Aug 2016

    This is one of those places that now you can get in is no longer worth going to. The people that make a club a fun have long since gone and although the place looks good that's about the only good thing about the place. The place is full of blokes whose average age seems to be 15 wearing anoraks (I kid you not) and the music policy dreary monotonous house music. Avoid at all costs it really is terrible we left after ten minutes.

  • 12 Apr 2016

    What a SHOCKING nightclub!!!! Do not go here it is NOT upmarket just people looking for fights. We booked as so called "private booth" for a 21st Birthday when we got there people were already in the booth and we spoke to the hostess who said she couldn't do nothing about it even though we had paid £50 to reserve it! We ordered our drinks only to have people outside of our party try and steal them. There was no doorman presence in the club to complain to and when a member of our party tried to stop another person taking drink he was then viciously attacked and jumped upon by numerous people sustaining multiple injuries even 2 of the girls were punched and it took a long time before the doorman realised anything was happening and resolve the situation. Before making the booking we were promised the earth by Rob the so called manager including balloons shots and exclusivity - we got none of this !!!! We spent over £1000 in this club (half of which ended up smashed up on the floor!) to be treated appallingly! Have been in touch with management who really couldnt care less! STAY AWAY unless you want to be beaten up and robbed!!!!

  • 1 Aug 2015

    When men are standing in the way when your trying to order a drink you know your in Knobville. Too many meatheads although the girls did look nice, no atmosphere, unfriendly and definitely not a place I would go back to.

  • 16 Jul 2015

    You hear about people being turned away from here all the time so we thought it must be a very "up market" club but it was nothing but overly pretentious.

    The interior is nice and the drinks are priced accordingly, and the doorman was really friendly with our group... but it's simply a place for people to stand around and look good. There's no atmosphere. Everything feels very hostile with girls covered in fake tan giving each other "evil eyes" from across the dancefloor, and boys with perfectly groomed facial hair all vying to be the alpha male.

    Poor music, poor atmosphere and poor personalities.

  • 5 Apr 2015

    Was celebrating my birthday and was made up that we got with it being 'exclusive'.... Oh dear when got in glass on floor, terrible dance music and just not a good atmosphere. We were very disappointed. Also the bouncer was very rude to us. Don't bother going there for a night out in Liverpool. Terrible, tacky venue with rubbish music!!

  • 30 Jul 2013

    I heard that the playground was to rival clubs here in London. Disappointing night. Not exactly the Mahiki is it. Not for me thanks to many chavs. Mind you, we did enjoy our stay at the Hilton Hotel.

  • 28 Apr 2013

    truly terrible place - uuurgh! music that is just noise with bass added & people who have no idea what a good night out is - don't go!

  • 9 Dec 2012

    Worst club iv ever been too. the place is a hole in the ground. payed 500 pound for a table. end up having to share it with old pervy fellrs who kept touchin me in inapropiate places. there wasnt even enough room for all my so called friends to sit. so if u enjoy wastin good money down the drain and gettin harrased by dirty arl men on ur so called table then pls go there.

  • 17 May 2012

    Full of money grabbing ladies with over the top fake tan. Though I must say, the interior was nice and music policy was good. I would come here again.

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