pink bar liverpool (pink is now permanently closed)

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pink bar
  • pink bar
  • Victoria Street (nxt to Mathew St.) Liverpool L2 5QA
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  • Dress code Smart casual, drag
  • Music policy Funky House, Disco, Cheesy 80s
  • Opening times fri 9-3 / sat 9-3

Popular hangout for young gay couples, swinging disco, drag and 7 nights a week of upbeat party fun (think school disco). Monday - Sunday 4am.

Pink bar Liverpool, opened it's doors late 2007 and has now established itself as one of the busiest and most attended gay hangouts in Liverpool. Located on Victoria street, an expanding part of Liverpool's gay quarter. Pink offers 7 nights a week of serious disco and happy party times, attracting a variety of young gay & lesbian couples, hen nights and drag; expect the unexpected.

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Pink Bar reviews

  • 16 Jul 2015

    I can describe Pink in one word and that is "Dive".

    Terrible doormen who I have witnessed harass and bully passers-by, bar staff who simply don't care as long as they get money out of your hand and a club that is so incredibly filthy your feet get glued to the floor if you stand still for longer than 4 seconds.

    Avoid at all costs.

  • 13 Jun 2015

    I have just tried to enter pink bar with my sister who is severely disabled and was attempting to walk without a wheelchair, the bouncer at the door knocked her back at the door saying that she was drunk as her disability does not allow her to walk properly, I tried to explain this to him as my sister who ended up crying due to the embarrassment, he made a show of her in front of everyone queueing. I have been going to pink every night out since I was 18 I'm not 24, never again, the staff are absolutely disgusting.

  • 8 Mar 2015

    Worst place I've been in floor you stick to like glue can't get in because security is crap because u r gay or in tracies pants. We pay there wages all they do is stand there and look pretty like there doing there jobs they do fuck all cos they cant get a proper job.

  • 14 Jul 2014

    If the next Saw film was set in a disco, this would be it!

  • 20 Jun 2014

    Probably won't be going back in here again, bar staff so rude and insulting to a member of our group behind her back. Finished our drinks and left.

  • 14 Feb 2014

    Boss night in here every week after I finish work.

  • 22 Dec 2013

    Lovve pink amazing go with my girl mates, great music lovly ppl.

  • 2 Jun 2013

    It has to be the most horrible place I have ever been anywhere in the world. Certainly never going back. Its dirty, the staff are rude, ignorant and a complete waste of space. There is no atmosphere it looks like people only go there because its open late and close to other place. Would never recommend this place to anyone in fact would advise people to stay away!

  • 25 May 2013

    will never darken the door of this so called establishment ever again, first and last visit! your staff who look like they have just come straight from school are the most arrogant of individuals and quite aggressive I have ever had the misfortune to come across. I will make sure all my friends and family know NOT to visit....

  • 27 Mar 2013

    genuinely loved pink until i met the rudest person up to date (im 29) claims he is the manager! IF YOU OWN THIS BAR GET RID - i go out weekly and i always advise people not to go there (SORRY)! just in case you are confused he claims to be the only male who works there, but then again pigs might fly! X

  • 19 Dec 2012

    Don't understand all the negative comments below. Been going to the Pink bar for over 6 months and always have a top night, never seem to have any problems with door staff just a fun night overall with great music. A suppose the bar staff could be a little happier but not really an issue for me.

  • 16 Jul 2012

    I visited Liverpool this weekend and was very disappointed that I was unable enter this venue due to the fact i had an epilepsy service dog with me, her job is to let me know before I do if I am going to suffer a seizure.
    I live in Manchester and Amber is very well known in the gay quarter, door staff and management know that she is a very well behaved working dog,
    my concern in this matter that if she was a sight assistant dog, as i was asked by the door staff I would have been able to enter which I feel is a little unfair to my disability, the venue was not very busy at the time of my visit and there was no glass on the floor as the door staff used as a second excuse to stop me from entering, one of the door staff however then did go to ask management and i was still refused, I wish to know the reason for this if you look up on Google about service dogs there is some great information there for you to see, there are dogs for various disabilities and that we should all be treated with the same dignity and respect.

  • 21 Jun 2012

    I adore this club!! Its the best gay club in liverpool!! N plus its got the best music in their!! Can't wait to go back on the 5 july :)

  • 10 May 2012

    great place, great music door staff reasonable but bar staff so unfriendly and miserable

  • 7 May 2012

    I had a Great night in PINK last night its a great place to go on a night out, loved the music and the DJ is lovely he will play any song for you if he has got it. I also had a ball with the bar stuff they were so nice! PINK is defiantly the place to go.

  • 8 Apr 2012

    What a f**kin diveee

  • 19 Mar 2012

    I went to PINK on Saturday night.. the older door staff were nice lads, but the young guy was disgusting. as we were going in there was a girl outside who had left her bag with her mates while she went out for a cig. the doorman decided he didnt like her and wouldnt let her back in.. she didnt seem drunk, she was well dressed, well mannered.. he left her out in the rain and when we went back out an hour later she was still there.. she didnt have a phone, a bag, her friends were inside.. she said she had seen him push a woman on the steps, she asked her is she was OK and he decided not to let her back in.. I cant believe door staff are alowed to do this.. i wont be going back.. we ended up going inside and finding her friend for her so she could go home..

  • 19 Mar 2012

    bar is OK, but dont like the door staff. rude, nasty, picky. not gay friendly for a gay bar.. stick with garlands. :(

  • 19 Mar 2012

    omg.. the youngish door man at this bar is a total moron.. we were asked if we wanted to go in, we said we werent sure and would have a look up the street first.. before we could move from the doorway he started shouting after us.. go back to the beach.. i turned back and asked what he meant by this and he said "coz you look like a beached whale"!! firstly, I am a slim size 12.. and secondly who the hell does this man think he is?? I am disgusted that this bar employs him.. if my boyfriend had have been with me he wouldnt have said it.. go elsewhere.. and Pink - sack your door staff.. your losing customers!!! unfortunately i cant leave a score of ZERO..

  • 25 Oct 2011

    Marc Stephens, i disagree with your comment, i am straight and never get refused entry when i go in with my gay mates, the staff are friendly and nice well the shot girl, and keyring guy are always happy and having a laff with all customers i enjoy this nightclub, and will keep going every friday and saturday night for the entertainment and cheap shots, and keyrings from the two wonderful people that provide them

  • 22 Oct 2011

    Great night enjoyed by myself and friends visiting me from down south, would of stayed longer if it wasnt for the fact that both door and bar staff were miserable and made us feel uncomfortable and not at ease and because of this we didnt stay long, shame as it could be an even better place if it was not for the miserable door and bar staff!!!!!

  • 4 Sep 2011

    Sadly, this place will not let you in if you are gay but have straight friends with you. We had a group of mates, half of which were gay and the other half straight. They refused to allow entry, and the door staff extremely unfriendly. They stated a stupid excuse that apparently it was Liverpool Council policy not to mix gay people and straight people together in clubs...that is very sad- and a lie! (Obviously they think gay people do not have straight friends! I would suggest you pop to Heaven about 20 metres away! They let us in and were extremely friendly!

  • 11 Jul 2011

    Promised a free shot but was told when we went in we had to buy one to get one, the staff looked completely miserable and due to us being a long night we were alternating soft/alcohol drinks being sensible - because i asked for a soft drink the bar person asked to search my bag!!!! So we left without spending any money and went the slug and had a ball. If you dont like your job get another one and just for the information of staff you are not allowed to search a bag (nor can bouncers) without police presence next time just refuse entry for anyone who wants a non alcoholic drink!!!!!

  • 7 Sep 2010

    Went in Pink last weekend for the first time, I was on a hen do and this place had fab music and the decor was the bees knees. We were there pretty early as it was just a bit of a spontaneous decision to pop in for a quick drink (I think the cheesy music and bright disco lights attracted us!). As it was early we were the only people in there which didnt bother me, what did bother me was fact that was the bar staff were really miserable, they looked like someone had died! We left after one shot and said thank you as we were leaving out of politeness but they didnt even acknowledge us. This bar has the potential to be amazing but they need to get some cheerful staff on board!

  • 1 Sep 2010

    great night enjoyed every minute

  • 4 Aug 2010

    Was at a hen party and we wondered in there best part of my weekend loved every minute of it.

  • 3 Jul 2010

    I visited pink last night for the first time my first impression was really friendly people i then went into the toilets with my friend and was having a conversation with a young girl who was pregnant then out of nowhere the bouncer came in and dragged the girl out in a really bad way all i said to that bouncer was hey whats going on as she was obviously in distress he then turned to me and grabbed my hair dragging me out through the back kicking me and hitting me whilst saying its my club over and over again he dragged me across the floor outside and threw me against the wall there were people standing there i didnt know where i was as i was shocked at this and very upset i then saw my friend who was upset and shocked too we asked for the bouncers badge but he wouldnt give it and just threatened again the young girl was outside crying too, i am not a trouble maker im a 43 disabled person and cannot believe this all happened very disappointing

  • 20 Apr 2010

    I absolutely love pink!! I'm a straight girl and its just great in there the bar staff r fab and so are the DJ'n drag queens
    Defiantly the place to go if you want to let loose and meet new random sexy people!!! :D whooo pink all the way baby!

  • 14 Feb 2010

    Pink. Don't ask why... but everybody loves it! Been in here a couple of times just to see what all the fuzz is about, greeted by a smiling tranny, and what I can only describe as 80's disco. Seating area if you want to chill personal I suggest you stand near the bar and have a laugh at all the crazy characters in here... Overall, good for a couple of drinks, bit young but the bonus of being near all the main bars and clubs on Victoria Street.

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