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A cheap hotel for a pair of clubbers on a budget?
Hotel formula 1 which is just facing the Albert Dock, £33 a night with secure car parking. This hotel is just a 10 min walk to Mathew Street and a quick taxi ride to any of Liverpool's other popular drinking hotspots. We advise that you book well in advance, check the availability via laterooms Hotel formula 1.
A cheap hotel close to Liverpool's nightlife?
Hanover Hotel, right next to Concert Sq, which is bang in the center of the nightlife, £90 for a double room, so it will be £45 each, pool tables & live music at weekends, great location. Check the availability via laterooms Hanover Hotel.
A luxury hotel close to Liverpool's nightlife
Hard Days Night Hotel Opened it's doors early 2008 and what an addition to Liverpool's hotel chain. Situated in the heart of Liverpool's buzzing mathew street nightlife area, this is one of the more luxury hotels of Liverpool with a Beatles theme throughout, rooms stating at £85 / £125 a night check availability via laterooms Hard Days Night Hotel. You might also want to check out base2stay Hotel which is right near Concert Square and the funky Seel Street clubbing areas.


Is Friday night or Saturday night the best to go out in Liverpool?
Like most cites - Saturday night is always the main night out in Liverpool, streets, bars and nightclubs always packed. If you prefer it not so crowded and like getting served fairly quickly, Friday night would be a better alternative, not as busy but still a great night out in Liverpool if you don't like it so hectic. Friday night is probably best suited for the more mature drinkers, though saying that its suited for everybody, its just not as busy.
Where to go for cheap drinks on Friday & Saturday nights in Liverpool?
Slater Street (next to Concert Square) has many pubs & bars with cheap drinks most of the week, try the Slater's bar for £2 doubles and Baa baa for a big selection of £1 shooters all week. I'm sure after 5-6 shooters your night should surely be on its way.
Is the student drinking area on Hardman Street only for students? A lot of my mates aren't students but we want to go in the student area for my 21st and avoid the other scally areas.
No. You’ll see lots of students on Hardman Street but everybody is welcome here. A good place to drink to avoid any hassle, great crowds of people, chilled, laid back everbody just enjoying the drinks and clubbing atmospheres here in Liverpool. Check out the Bumper and the Hannahs bar. Though be warned, its not always busy around here and can sometimes look like a ghost town, Tuesday, Thursday nights are the best nights mid-week and Friday Saturday over the weekend.


Where are all the big super clubs in Liverpool?
Unfortunately, as the years have rolled over here in Liverpool most of Liverpool's bigger nightclubs seemed to have fazed out. Nowadays, its more a choice of small clubs, large bars with a couple of floors which some people call nightclubs, trendy bars & cafes, live music venues and half a dozen late night after hour clubs. Don't get me wrong, Liverpool is packed with an array of quality bars, nightclubs and music venues that you'll be spoilt for choice once you hit the main clubbing strips here in Liverpool. Just don't expect football pitch sized super clubs like you have in Ibiza.

Update: Liverpool's Level Nightclub opened in August 2014 with a club capacity of 2600, surely a super club with 3 floors playing dance, rnb and party anthems. Apart from Level, everything is still relevant as mentioned above.
Does Liverpool have any male strip clubs for girls on a hen night?
Liverpool doesn't have any male strip clubs, not that we know of anyway. We advise searching for 'male strip-a-grams in Liverpool' and have them meet you on the night out.
Do you have any classy, sophisticated high end clubs in Liverpool? A place where nobody is a drunken student or a chav?
Yes. Liverpool has many trendy bars and clubs spread out all over Liverpool. I suggest you take a look at our trendy bars listing, popular venues include: Amanzi, Kindom bar & club, Alma de cuba and Palm Sugar over at Liverpool ONE along with Playground club (popular celebritiy hotspot). You might want to check out the Circo bar and a couple of other Liverpool's trendy venues over at the Albert dock.
Where are Liverpool's gay clubs and gay clubbing areas?
Liverpool's gay clubs, bars & Liverpool's gay drinking quarter is based around Stanley Street and Victoria street just off Mathew street. Most gay bars now stay open till 4am 7 nights a week. If you're after some serious late night dirty house music head to g-bar on Eberle Street on a Saturday night... 11pm - 7am. Have a look over on a clubs and bars page for a full listing and more information about Liverpool's gay quarter.
We are four smart dressed black lads travelling from Sheffield, I would like to know if we are likely to encounter any problems getting into clubs/places as a group? (I say this because in other cities, certain clubs/pubs tend to try and steer clear of blacks in groups).
Not at all. Liverpool has a big black population that enjoys clubbing more than anybody. If you want to be mixing with predominately black people, I suggest checking out Liverpool's urban clubs over on our club listings. It doesn't matter where you go in Liverpool, everybody is treated equally. You must remember, Liverpool is a very laid back and friendly city. Nobody is judged by the colour of their skin and I'd be very surprised if you have any issues because your black.
The best house music clubs to go in Liverpool on a Saturday night for 3 lads age 25 traveling from Newcastle and hoping to meet some girls.
The best house and dance music clubs at the moment for a group of lads hoping to meet some girls and enjoy a quality night of the latest club classics would be the Mansion Club (near mathew street) or the Level Nightclub (near concert square). I suggest enjoying yourself about the city then head to the club about 11pm. If you don't like the club these plenty of other good clubs and bars spread out all over Liverpool open till late within walking distance. Clubs (Mansion & Level) are packed with queues outside every Saturday night. The wild card would be Envi nightclub located down the road from Concert Square, not as trendy as the latter but a packed house playing funky scouse house music.


Are white pumps ok in the clubs in Liverpool?
If you stay around Seel Street, Hardman street and a few bars on Slater street, then these are the places were most students and young professionals hang out. You'll see loads of clubbers wearing the famous white pumps, shouldn't have a problem in most places, if your planning on going to a big upcoming event, contact the venue before hand.
What do girls from Liverpool wear on a night out in Liverpool?
Girls from Liverpool are very conscious about what they wear and how they look... fashion and dress to impress is paramount amongst most Liverpool girls. Its quite common for Liverpool girls to start getting their hair done on a Wednesday, accompanied by top end designer wear to all the latest high street labels. If you don't want to look out of place, pay attention to detail and start getting ready on a Tuesday.
Can I get into the pubs in Liverpool in jeans, smart jeans not the ripped things but ordinary jeans with boots not trainers?
Mosts pubs and even most bars around liverpool don't mind smart jeans with shoes: the smart casual look as they say. Ideally, Friday night would be your safest bet but even Saturday night, if they don't let you in just go somewhere else. Theres dozens of good pubs around Liverpool and plenty of funky student bars and clubs where most people wear jeans anyway. I even wear smart jeans myself most nights and never seem to have any problems.

advice for boys: avoid wearing lacoste and hugo boss tops


Which clubs are the best for urban or rnb music?
The Camel Club on Wood Street above the Revolution bar near Concert Square, small venue but very popular & well known for the urban scene here in Liverpool. We also recommend checking out Level Nightclub which has a dedicated floor just for RnB (2nd floor), again near Concert Square, and finally, republik 2nd room Penthouse Club pure RnB with regular PAs, this club also very near to Concert Square on Slater street/Bold Street.

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local radio

It might be a good idea if you have a listen to any of Liverpool's local radio stations below. Every weekend playing a quality selection of house music from around Liverpool's club land with up-to-date club night listings and information about whats happening in Liverpool.

Listen in your hotel before you go out or have a listen the weekend before you join us.

Jucie FM Liverpool (fri-sat after 6pm)
Radio City Liverpool (sat after 6pm)

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